Four New Covid-19 Cases in Kahnawake. One at School

Written by on September 13, 2021

With 20 percent of Quebec schools reporting at least one positive case of COVID-19, that hasn’t spared Kahnawake. There were four new positive cases declared in the community over the weekend.

“Over the weekend we were advised that there is a positive case at Kateri School,” Robin Delaronde, The Director of education at the Kahnawake Education Centre (KEC) , said. Immediately KEC personnel and local Public Health collaborated to make sure that all the school and the classroom were contacted. Parents were contacted. That classroom will immediately going into remote learning.”

Delaronde says they have performed extra cleaning. But it will be school as usual for the other classes. Delaronde says this was not unexpected.

“No, definitely not. We knew and were prepared for it,” Delaronde said. “We knew this could occur and would occur and we responded just as how we had planned.  One of the things that we relayed from the outset is that we want to continue on. Our goal is to keep our schools open. To keep other classrooms open. To contain the area that is affected. To continue to implement the measures that we have been putting forth right from the beginning of the school year and last year.”

Delaronde says  more details will be provided on Kahnawake 911 live on Facebook on Wednesday.

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