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Head to the Audio Archives now to Press Start on The D-Pad. Episode 1 is out now!

Changes to the Bingo Wheel Contest

The in-office Bingo Wheel Contest is  going through some changes:

  • Tune in, as every month will hold a new prize!
  • For the month of January, spin to win *drrrrumroll* a K1037 Loyalty Card!

K1037 Radio Bingo

Friday, January 18th Jackpot is: $3 000.00

The Last Chance Lotto
LCL number: #985
Next Prize: $1316.00

Toonie Prize: $15 936.00

50/50 Bonus: $1 120.00

Congratulations to last week’s winner(s)!

Jackpot Winner(s): Beverly Cross, $2 000
Last Chance Lotto Winner(s): N/A
Toonie Winner(s): N/A

(Check the Radio Bingo Page for more details)

We’re looking for your comments on K1037 Radio Bingo!

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