ACM Walk-Through Inspection

Written by on April 29, 2021

A walk-through inspection was performed at the 207-cemetery road site to look for more ACM (asbestos containing materials) on Tuesday of this week by specially trained workers from the MCK. Cody Diabo works on the asbestos file:

“We did find about, cumulatively probably about 8olbs (pounds), I mean it’s kind of hard to day, we’ve had this trouble trying to explain to some people that maybe 80lbs is a lot, but it’s important to remember that these are cement pieces, so if anyone picked up a piece of cement, 1 piece alone could be almost 80lbs. We’re trying to go by weight-wise, rather than pieces, because again you can pick up a piece and it’s the size of a small rock and then you pick up 80 of them, you know that sounds like a lot too, but in actuality it’s tiny little pieces, so about 80lbs of material.”

The walk-through inspection took place on properties at the Highway 207/Cemetery Road junction to check for any ACM that may have surfaced. This inspection was a follow-up to work that had previously been performed in the area regarding ACM.

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