Tiffany Morrison: 15 Year Anniversary Of Her Disappearance

Written by on June 17, 2021

Friday marks 15 years since Tiffany Morrison of Kahnawake disappeared at the age of 24. Her remains were only discovered in the community 4 years later. Melanie Morrison is Tiffany’s sister:

“Making sure that Tiffany’s story isn’t forgotten, that all the other families, survivors and women, girls 2SLGBTQ2IA+ people, that they’re in everyone’s mind and Canada knows that the genocide that’s been committed against our women, girls and 2SLGBTQ2IA+ people, including my sister is unacceptable and it really needs to be addressed. Canada really needs to change the way they view our people and acknowledge the atrocities that were done to us.”

Due to Covid-19 restrictions and not wanting to put anyone at risk, through donations, Morrison had t-shirts made up to help raise funds and awareness.

“I had t-shirts made and I posted on her group on Facebook, ‘Justice for Tiffany Morrison,’ and also on my personal page asking people if they were willing to wear the shirt tomorrow and like throughout the whole day no matter where you go and post a picture onto her page wearing the shirt and those who couldn’t or weren’t comfortable wearing the t-shirt, we ask that there’s been pictures posted up on her site and my page, to post that as a profile pic or post it on your page tomorrow. This way we flood the internet and everybody views with the image of my sister.”

Morrison saying that the family really hopes that the community and the public take a moment tomorrow to acknowledge that we still need the person who knows what happened to speak up. 15 years being way too long for justice.

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