Task Force Targeting June 1 for Phase One of Businesses Reopening in Kahnawake

Written by on May 11, 2020

The Kahnawake Covid-19 Task Force says that if the conditions allow, then Phase One of the Kahnawake Economic Revitalization will begin with the reopening of businesses in the community on June 1st. But they caution that it is a moving target as they continuously examine the data.

Commissioner of Public Safety Lloyd Phillips says the Kahnawake Economic Revitalization Committee (KERC) and the Task Force has taken into consideration the health and safety of the community as well as the social and psychological impact and how it relates to the economics. “If all the conditions are met and the situation stabilizes in the area that is the target we are shooting for to give the green light to the first phase of the business reopening to take place,” Phillips said. “June 1st is the target date, but that’s not etched in stone.”

Effective immediately personal swimming pools can now be opened by outside companies who normally service Kahnawake homes. “Since people are being asked and told to stay a home as much as possible, and since pools are an extension of the home we have made the decision that we will be allowing for pool companies to come in and do any type of repairs and any type of openings that you may require for your pool,” he said. The Task Force will be contacting the outside pool companies and giving them the green light.  

Kateri Memorial Hospital Center Executive Director Lisa Westaway says her team has spoken with nearly 900 families as part of the community health check. They have made over 1400 calls since the check began. “The impact is an increase in testing,” Westaway said. “We have probably doubled the testing since before the health check. We are averaging 8 to 10 tests per day now.”

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