Pink Shirt Day: An Alternative

Written by on February 18, 2021

Kahnawà:ke will once again recognize Pink Shirt or Anti-Bullying awareness day next Wednesday, February 24th. Corleigh Beauvais is a Youth Prevention worker at KSCS:

“KSCS primary prevention want to encourage families to have the conversation with their children about bullying and the impact that it can have on someone’s life. So we want to create awareness and let others know that it is so important that victims of bullying know that they aren’t alone and that there’s help and support available.”

Beauvais recognizes that gatherings are impossible to rally against bullying. So KSCS has come up with alternatives:

“So we’re hoping that this initiative takes off and everyone shows their support in a different way this year. So we’re asking that you grab a piece of paper, a pink one if you have and cut it in the shape of a t-shirt, then decorate it with your child and add your favourite anti-bullying message. It could ‘bullying and peer” or ‘be a buddy not a bully” anything you want and then tape it to your window or somewhere that’s visible to others, so that everybody in the community can see and it creates a sense of solidarity.”


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