Montour Retiring After 25 Years at Public Works

Written by on June 29, 2020

Tuesday will be the last day on the job for Vinny Montour after a quarter century at Kahnawake Public Works. “I’m ready. Knees are kind of creaky,” Montour said.

He spent most of those years keeping Kahnawake beautiful with his riding mower and weed trimmer. “Well I liked when the splash pad first started operating. Seeing all the people enjoying it, the little kids running around. It’s something we never had before.”

From his perch on the tractor Montour had a chance to observe a great deal, and if he found anything unusual along the way – he’s not saying. One thing he never lost was his sense of humour.

“I was just hoping never to find a severed head,” Montour joked. “I never did, you know even in the playgrounds on the outskirts. It’s all good.”

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