Leborgne says: “Helicopter to be Airborne”

Written by on September 9, 2020

A Hydro Quebec helicopter has been authorized to fly over Kahnawà:ke on Thursday. It will be airborne above the Hydro Line 2 Corridor to take pictures and videos. It is a part of the survey and will show the ‘before and after’ record of the Line 2 dismantlement. Starting out from the St. Hubert airport from just after 9 am, the flight over the territory will last about four hours.

Lindsay Leborgne is a Chief at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke:

“1990, I know it’s been a number of years, but it’s still fresh in people’s mind that were there at the time, and anytime, helicopters are buzzing the community, people get anxious and it’s totally understandable. However, this is a totally different situation, it has to do with the dismantling of Hydro towers 1 and 2 that cut through the community and go across to the seaway. Hydro asked to do a before and after type shot of the towers as they presently look and in another year and a half when they’re gone, I guess they’ll probably take another fly-over to show how it looks you know, without the towers.”

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