KSS: No Green Light For Prom

Written by on June 9, 2021

Québec public health announced yesterday that High School Proms will be permitted outdoors, under a tent, with no more than 250 people as of July 8th.  Masks and physical distancing will not be a requirement according to Dr. Horacio Arruda, as he expects most 12 to 17-year-olds will have had their first vaccine dose by then. In Kahnàwake, Survival School students will have to go without a formal prom for a second straight year, according to the Director of Education at the Kahnàwake Education Center, Robin Delaronde:

“Speaking with KSS School Administrator Jackie Leclair, she did confirm that even in light of the Quebec’s recent announcement, KSS will not be changing their current plans. What they do intend to do is recognize our graduates this year, along with family, at their formal graduation ceremony that’s going to occur on Thursday, June 17th. We do understand, you know, families may still want to celebrate amongst their families and we encourage them to do so under the safe guidelines that Kahnàwake has in-place.”  

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