Kahnawakero:non Rides Out Covid Spike Near Orlando

Written by on June 30, 2020

The United States are once again being hit hard by the coronavirus where over 129 000 people have died. There has been a recent spike in cases in places such as Arizona, California and Florida. Chris White, who is from Kahnawake, lives near Orlando. “As of last Saturday they had made face masks mandatory, 100% mandatory no matter where you. It’s been crazy, especially with the spike in the numbers in the last week and a half,” he said.

White says the prevailing attitude when the numbers began to decrease somewhat last month was to reopen the economy. But the recent spike has changed those plans. “Right now the thought is, I don’t want to say close everything down again, but again make people more self-conscious. Make people wear their face masks because there are still some places that as of yesterday, we went in and all the employees were wearing masks, the guests that were inside were not.”

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