Kahnawà:ke Spring Clean-Up Challenge

Written by on April 6, 2021

The Kahnawà:ke Waste Management Department has launched a modified version of the Kahnawà:ke Spring Clean-Up Challenge. Known as ‘The Challenge’ this year’s version once again is taking the pandemic into consideration:

Iotshatena:wi Reed from Communications at Kahnawà:ke Waste Management on what can be expected:

‘This year’s Spring Cleanup Challenge is pretty much exactly like the Cleanup Challenge that we had last spring. It’s the exact same thing where we’re having one household go out and clean a spot wherever they think that needs to be clean and make sure you keep your distance, make sure you follow all the Covid guidelines.”

Reed says there are of course incentives:

“We have a couple of prizes: we have 2 bingo packages available and we also have some shop Kahnawà:ke Gift Certificates to give away, too.”

To get involved, select an area your family household wishes to clean and simply post BEFORE & AFTER photos of the area on the Kahnawà:ke Waste Management Facebook page: @recyclinginkahnawake or email your photos to: wastemanagement@mck.ca. All ‘Challenge’ participants are asked to take the waste home and place it curbside for regular Friday pick-up with organizers asking that only members of your individual household participate in the clean-up effort and remember to maintain physical distancing from others at all times.

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