Kahnawake Gaming Law Celebrates 25 Years

Written by on June 10, 2021

The Kahnawà:ke Gaming Law turns 25 today. It was signed into law on June 10th, 1996 and has  taken on great importance as Kahnawà:ke took a lead role in the creation of the Internet Gaming phenomenon. Daryl Leclaire was recently appointed as Chairperson of the Board at the Kahnawà:ke Gaming Commission (KGC).

“Proud to be part of the legacy, and to be entrusted with the role of commissioner for what is known as one of the most efficient and respected jurisdictions throughout the world,” he said.

Leclaire has been with the KGC since 2017. He says the law has been vital, in the economic viability of the community. “Formal challenges to our recognition have been few, and have supported Kahnawake’s historical assertion that we maintain sovereignty and jurisdiction over our territory. Locally, as a result of this law, significant jobs and revenues have been created, which allows for greater self-sufficiency for the community,” Leclaire said.

Neither Quebec nor Canada has formally accepted Kahnawake’s jurisdiction in the matter of gaming. Now the commission and the MCK are dealing with Canada which is about to pass Bill C-218 which legalizes single event sports betting, over the objections of the effects it an have on Kahnawake’s rights.

Leclaire knows that the KGC and the law have to be flexibly amid a continuously changing landscape.

“25 years ago, online gaming was a thing of the future and we adapted and evolved. The Commission has always strived to be a worldwide leader, and will continue to adapt and evolve as the gaming world does.”

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