Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Survey Results

Written by on September 4, 2020

Results have been released from the recent Cannabis Regulations survey in Kahnawà:ke. The survey posed questions on several aspects of the Regulations such as location, number of permits, consultation and products. Overall, there were 370 participants.

Chief Tonya Perron is the Lead on the Cannabis file:

“The survey results speak very specifically to the sentiment in the community with respect to location, in terms of residential areas. I think it was pretty clear by the survey that definitely residential areas is out of the question in terms of that type of industry coming into, being put into place in a residential area.”

The Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Law was enacted on December 12, 2018. Chief Perron:

“The regulations in their draft form will be posted very shortly on the KLCC website for the entire community to review and to provide feedback. I think there are 6 of them in total that will be posted for viewing.”

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