Kahnàwake Beach

Written by on May 4, 2021

The Kahnàwake beach is one step closer to opening. If all goes well with construction and set-up, it will open this summer. The sports and recreation unit has a new job posting to hire 3 lifeguards. Their training would begin soon after they are hired. Mackenzie Whyte is the Interim Director for Sports and recreation in Kahnàwake:

“I know it’s been a long time since community members have had something really to look forward to outside socializing and things like that, so we’re hoping that this is going to be something great for community members.”

Patrick Regaz is the General Manager Field Science at KEPO. They have been overseeing the work as part of the construction of the 85 meter long by 30-meter-wide beach. Roughly 300 feet by 100 feet:

“Getting close to completion, what we need to do this spring is import some topsoil, do some plantings, a bit of clean-up here and there and just verify that the beach sand didn’t move too much over the winter. So, we’ll be checking out the shoreline a little bit to maybe making a few adjustments there, but we should be wrapping up that element of the project this spring.”

The Sports and Recreation Unit will be holding a naming contest for the beach in the coming weeks.

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