Kahnàwake Also Has ‘A Horse In The Race’: Bill C-218

Written by on April 30, 2021

Further reaction from Kahnàwake and the Mohawk Council of Kahnàwake to Canada’s passing of third reading last week of bill C-218 on the rights for single event sports betting. In a news release today the MCK stated: “Despite the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada’s acknowledgement of the strength of Kahnawà:ke’s claim of Indigenous right, Parliament chose to ignore Kahnawà:ke’s interests and placed its economy at risk, all while submitting to the demands of Canada’s horse racing industry for protection.”

MCK Elected official Gina Deer:

“The message behind here, is that we’re going to continue to be proactive against this legislation and that we are looking to get the interest of other Indigenous communities who may not be aware. There is a lot that is happening behind this legislation and a lot of very influential and wealthy people stand to benefit. So, as the Mohawk Council of Kahnàwake, we’re not going to stand by and let this happen while they try and shut us out of this industry.”

Deer says Mohawk On-line has brought millions of dollars into Kahnàwake especially during the pandemic and this new legislation puts that money for the community in jeopardy:

“Business has only been growing for Mohawk On-line, the revenues are increasing and it’s more crucial now that we try to protect that because we are flourishing as an industry and being the original people who have participated in on-line gaming from its infancy, how can you shut us out now.”

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