Indian Day Schools Settlement: An Issue With Several Claims

Written by on May 12, 2021

There has been an issue with several claims filed in Kahnàwake for the Indian Day Schools Settlement (IDSS). According to Louise Mayo, whom is the IDSS Coordinator for the Mohawk Council of Kahnàwake, several claims have been lost in the system:

“The issue at this time is, unfortunately, many of the community members who’ve applied for the Indian Day Schools on their own, may not have been aware that they need to call 6 weeks after the submit their Indian Day Schools claim, either for themselves or for an estate claim.”

Mayo says it is important for all IDSS claimants to call the Deloitte Claims Center at 1-888-221-2898 to confirm that the claim has been received and uploaded into the Deloitte database. Mayo further stating that over 110 000 people have filed claims across Canada:

“We estimated through Indian Affairs records and school records and so forth, that we have approximately 5,000 people in Kahnàwake that are eligible. Of the 5,000 people, roughly 1,000 of them have passed away. So that means that there are 1,000 individuals in the community that would be applying on (behalf of) the deceased member as an executor or an administrator. We are the second largest community in Canada that has this number of applicants, Six Nations is the number one with the largest number of applicants, we’re number two.”

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