Hydro Poles

Written by on January 19, 2021

The dismantlement of Hydro Line 2 in Kahnawake has been advancing at an accelerated pace over the last few weeks. They were tasked with taking down 60 towers in all. Elected Official Lindsay Leborgne is on the Infrastructure Portfolio at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke:

“They took down 54 towers so far. Now when I spoke to them last week, about 10 days ago, they had only taken down 14 and they’re contracted to take down only 2 a day but they’ve been taking down like 6 a day from what I was told. So they’ve got 54 down and 6 to go, they’re already taking out soils that were around the towers that were deemed to be contaminated with Zinc from the towers: they usually cover metal that’s exposed like that to the elements with a coating of Zinc, like you’d see on a garbage can.”

A Kahnawà:ke company along with some specialized workers and equipment from outside of the territory have been performing the work:

“They’ve hired 8 trucks from town and 2 excavators from town, so we have a good group of people from town working. The only one that is not from town is the machine that actually shears the steel of the towers to take them down and that is a specailized piece of equipment that’s run by a guy who has to know how to run it and that’s the out-of-town person.”

2 other towers are by the North Wall and will be taken down later by specialized workers and equipment.

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