Drug Bust in The New Development

Written by on July 19, 2021

Two men were arrested over the weekend in the New Development area on the evening of July 16th. Constable Kyle Zachary of the Kahnàwake Peacekeepers:

“There was a spot-check operation set-up in the New Development area on the 16th, the operation got underway just after 8 pm. During the operation, a vehicle approached the set-up where the officers were and speaking to the driver, checking the driver’s records on our database, it was found the he had, that he was the subject of a warrant and as part of that he was detained and in the course of the search, during the detainment, the suspected narcotics were located.”

The male was the subject of an already active investigation. Officers obtained warrants to search the suspect’s vehicle and the residence in question:

“The on-going investigation was centered around a residence in the South Texas area and officers applied, there was action that planned for this residence upcoming, but because of the arrest of the individual the investigations unit moved ahead with the executing search warrants on the residence as well as the vehicle that the suspect was driving at the time.”

A local male, 31, was placed under arrest at the residence, and officers seized trafficking paraphernalia. Officers located more suspected narcotics from the suspect vehicle.


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