Dr Jones Retiring From KMHC at the End of the Year

Written by on July 2, 2020

After a distinguished 34 year career, Dr Suzanne Jones will be retiring from the medical profession and her work at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Center by the end of the year. “I have mixed feelings. I have been with the community for 34 plus years and I’m very attached to the community,” an emotional Jones said. “It’s hard. But at the same time I think the timing is right. The whole downside of this whole pandemic is that I can’t really see patients physically because of my own health condition, as people know from my interview way at the beginning of the pandemic, I am immune-compromised.”

Lisa Westaway, the Executive Director at the KMHC says Jones’ leaving will create a void at the hospital. “It’s huge news,” she said. “But not unexpected for the community, they’ve been prepared over the last year. Dr. Jones has mentioned it often. But it’s a huge loss really. She’s done a lot for the  hospital and the community.”

Dr. Jones plans to retire in December. Over the next six months, she will be gradually transferring blocks of her clients to Dr. Marie-Eve Fiset-Morissette who begins at the hospital today. Dr Annick Gauthier is also assuming some of Jones clients. In the meantime, Dr. Jones will continue to provide telephone visits booked with through the KMHC. She also plans to remain on as Director of Professional services until a replacement is found.

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