Day One of Reopening As Expected

Written by on June 1, 2020

The Kahnawake COVID-19 Task Force says they weren’t overly surprised by the large numbers of people who came to Kahnawake on Monday, the first day the community reopened businesses. “It has rolled out in a manner in which I think as good as we could expect we did expect,” said Lloyd Phillips, the Commissioner of Public Safety. “We certainly did expect a large influx of people looking for tobacco products on the highway.”

It did cause some traffic problems. “We spoke with the store owners especially on the (Hwy) 132,” said Peacekeeper Chief Dwayne Zacharie. “Parking is an issue for some of the businesses on that road.”

Phillips said the businesses were mostly doing a good job of adhering to the measures put in place.

“All but one of the stores that opened had all their proper safety measures in place,” he said. “Interventions were done immediately and it was taken care of. One thing we did observe was people not respecting the distancing. That is one thing that you have control of.”

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