Covid Numbers in Kahnawà:ke: down

Written by on January 25, 2021

Covid-19 numbers are on the downturn in Kahnawà:ke. Lisa Westaway is the Executive Director of the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre and she was on the Morning D today on K1037:

“We have 1 active case and it’s a new case, so it’s not one that was from our previous cases. And we still have a large number of people are in isolation, so that’s probably ended yesterday (Sunday), so they’re free from isolation if they have no symptoms. So we’re doing well,  we’re doing well, but we have to continue because we’re still highly at risk.”

The Vaccine will be given first to the entire community by March 31st, despite the delays in vaccine delivery to Quebec this week as Pfizer retools its production facility in Belgium:

“I did have a meeting with the ministry on Friday and we do have confirmation that our whole community will be vaccinated before March 31st and we don’t have an exact timeline yet, we think it will be somewhere near the beginning of March because of this delay, but we do have confirmation that it will be before March 31st, so that’s really good news.”

That applies to the first dose. If Quebec vaccine distribution rules continue, then the entire community – of those who choose to receive it – will be vaccinated by July 1st, 2021.

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