Covid-19 Testing Site to Open in Kahnawake on Saturday

Written by on March 26, 2020

A Covid-19 testing site will be opening in Kahnawake this weekend. The site will function by appointment only, the details of how to make those appointments will be released on Friday, on a drive-through basis and be located on the side of the  Kateri Memorial Hospital Center (KMHC) near the handicap entrance. It will be equipped with heated tents as nurses and administrators conduct their work. Lisa Westaway, the Executive Director at the KMHC, says there are no positive cases at the in-patient portion of the KMHC.  “We are containing it. It’s what social isolation is all about, it’s about minimizing the community spread of this virus,” she said.   

As part of diagnosing, public health has discovered two new symptoms of the Virus, a loss of taste and loss of smell.  

Meanwhile, Kahnawake workers, be they front line or the new front line workers at grocery and convenience stores, are being directed to remove their clothes and not enter their homes with what they wore to work and outside. The idea is to get undressed in the entrance, bag their clothes immediately and bring them straight to the washing machine.  

In the daily Task Force briefing Public Safety Commission Lloyd Phillips said they are now being even more vigilant in monitoring the disinfecting being performed by those who are still permitted to work.

Phillips also addressed a call to set up check points at the entrances to Kahnawake:

“We are fighting an invisible enemy,” he said. “Blocking off our borders may have a negative effect by interrupting essential services and deliveries to our community. It would also give out the wrong impression to the people bringing in food and gas and propane to our community and add to the level of fear.”   

The Task Force will also be taking on-line medical questions only at: Dr. Annick Gauthier will appear on Kahnawake 911 and on K1037 to answer those on Friday.

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