Church Discussion Meeting Postponed to Saturday

Written by on June 3, 2021

There was a scheduled a meeting that was to be open to the community tonight at 6 pm at the green space near the Orville Standup Park with the topic being the future of the Catholic Church in Kahnàwake. Well, the weather has forced the plans to be altered. Timmy Norton is one of the organizers:

“We’re going to change the day t’ill Saturday at 6 pm, the same time on Saturday, but we’re also going to change the location, we’re moving to the fire near the 132 highway. We’re changing the day and the location, so 6 pm Saturday at the Sacred Fire on the 132.”

In the wake of Kamloops, Norton says the Church’s presence serves as a constant reminder of the role it played in Canada’s Residential Schools:

“It’s to discuss the future of the Church here in Kahnàwake. We want to talk to people and see, to get a good idea of the direction that people would like to go, you know we’re going to listen to all sides and see where we can go. We don’t want to go gang-busters into the Church and tear it apart and throw everybody out, that’s not the goal. The goal is to talk, which is what we do as Onkwehonwe we talk about stuff then we decide what can happen, you know what would the next steps be.”

Masks are required and all Covid restrictions will be in place according to organizers. All community members are invited.

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