32 Active Cases of COVID-19 in Kahnawake

Written by on September 9, 2021

The fourth wave of COVID-19 in Kahnawake has 32 people who are currently in isolation due to positive tests for COVID-19. Dozens more are in isolation due to close contact. According to Commissioner of Public Safety Lloyd Phillips, who was appearing on Kahnawake 911 Wednesday afternoon, 13 of those are new positives since last Friday. “There has been a total of 89 cases since the fourth wave began,” Phillips said. “The total of those with two doses has been seven. And people who have been COVID positive with one dose has been one.”

The priority, Phillips said, is protecting lives. “It’s about minimizing impacts on mental health on Kahnawakero:non. It’s about maintaining the economy. It’s about not closing down jobs or businesses. We want to protect our front line workers. We want to protect the hospital. One of the big goals is also to make sure our children have the opportunity to have educational services on site as well as recreational activities which they also need for their own well being.”

Part of the way to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus is by limiting potential contacts. A way to do that is to make sure that people spending times indoors at businesses and social clubs are vaccinated. Vaccine proof has been in effect in Quebec and Kahnawake for more than a week.  “It does impact 27 locations in Kahnawake which includes social clubs and the sports complex. It did roll out smoothly with overwhelming support from the businesses impacted as they understand it’s a vital componnet to keeping the economy rolling and keeping people employed.”


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