23 Cases; 5 Clusters: Kahnawà:ke

Written by on January 11, 2021

There are 23 active cases of COVID-19 in Kahnawà:ke as of Sunday night. As the week start off with elementary school students in the province now back in classrooms with high schoolers scheduled to return Monday the 18th. All this as the 8 pm to 5 am daily curfew went into effect in the province on Saturday night.

The Covid-19 Task force members Lloyd Phillips and Lisa Westaway were in studio on the Morning D today on K1037, talking about community curfews and Quebec lockdowns. Phillips was asked if it’s high time for those who are not following directives to be fined:

“We always have been saying that we’re trying our best to do community policing, I mean we as the Task Force, obviously it’s directly the Peacekeepers. When it comes down to how somebody gets fined, if they get a warning, get a fine, get arrested, that’s not Task Force responsibility, that’s something that is up to the Peacekeepers and there is some discretion that the officer has when they approach the situation, but if that’s what it takes to send a stronger message then that’s what should be done in my opinion, but again that’s within their realm.”

KMHC Executive Director Westaway saying that people are genuinely concerned:

“I had some phone calls from elders last week who were really upset because they’ve been home and following the rules for months and months, they’re impacted drastically and when they see and hear and they’re witnessing the complete disregard for that by some community members, they’re beside themselves.”

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