Vonna Mayo

Host of Party Town, mom to two kids, and a sports fanatic. When she was younger, her mom worked at the station and she was always hanging around, picked up some tips and tricks, and learned a lot.

One day, one of the usual hosts didn’t show up for their shift and there was no one else there, so Vonna jumped in, saved the show, and had a ball. Filling in was just a small step, but when another DJ left, she was asked to take over Saturday Morning Country for a while.

Vonna was in her element; playing country music just wasn’t a job, it was a fun time,  just as it is now. Hosting Party Town is a blast! Vonna says; “I get to play great music, I get to have fun with it, I get to talk to new people all the time and have had some people share some awesome stories and memories. Knowing that something you played has really touched someone is a really good feeling”.

Part of that feeling is why she came back full time. When she’s not on the air she can be found at main reception. Vonna has been volunteering with Kahnawake Minor Lacrosse for years, started managing her sons lacrosse team, and eventually wound up on the board of directors. She loves the sport and she loves watching these boys and girls grow up as a team. A few years ago they started the girls team and her daughter joined as goalie. Over the years Vonna is proud to say that both of her children have become Ontario Provincial Champions with their respective teams and her daughter has made history as the only girl playing in the U19 World Challange.

As both her children have moved out of the minor system, and on to life, She can still be found helping out behind the scenes for the Sr. Mohawks and giving her daughter tips as Rave has now become a coach in the minor system and helping Beauv prepare for college. She is also a very big fan of hockey and football, Boston Bruins and the New England Patriots are my favorite teams, and can always be seen wearing one of their shirts and arguing in their honor.

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