The Regulation Concerning Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes.

Written by on April 30, 2021

The Mohawk Council of Kahnàwake has approved two items in regard to the Cannabis file. The first item was in relation to cultivation of cannabis for personal medical purposes. The Kahnawà:ke Cannabis Control Board (KCCB) has been mandated to draft additional oversight and information-sharing into the Regulation Concerning Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes. The Council of Chiefs agreed that Health Canada registration with KCCB oversight best meets the needs of the community. Tonya Perron was on Tetewathara, the Partyline Talk-show today with host Paul Graif:

“About 2-weeks ago we had a strategic discussion at the council table on an issue that was raised during discussions with Cannabis Control Board, as the Port-Chief I sit in the meetings with the Cannabis Control Board and there were a number of concerns that were raised around cultivation of cannabis for personal medical purposes. So, a number of people are registered because they have a prescription in order for their medical ailments to actually grow for themselves: the prescriptions detail the amount they’re allowed to grow and they then register with Health Canada to legally do that either within their homes as crazy as that sounds, or within a designated area that is under their control. They are also allowed to designate a 3rd party to grow for them and that person would have to be registered if the person needing the prescription is not able to it themselves.”

According to Perron, there was also a revision by the KCCB regarding the Mandatory Community Contributions section of the Regulation concerning Prices, Royalties and Contributions.

“Under Health Canada regulations, if you have a prescription it’s standard amount, I think for the prescription when you get it from a Federally licensed supplier, so if you don’t grow it yourself, is about 2 grams a day, from what we see. If you grow it for yourself, it’s 36.2 grams per day, so there’s a significant difference in the amounts if you grow it or you get it from a licensed supplier.”

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