The lift pump that serves Kahnawake east of the tunnel has been fixed.

Martin Morris is the supervisor of Infrastructure, Operations and maintenance with the town garage. He joined us live this morning on Saketsko.

(CLIP Martin Morris)

We got it back on line. we have 2 pumps working. In the station there is 33 pumps that are operated by vacuum pumps the create a prime to get the station going and we had a complete failure. We had float failures. We had a transformer burn. Anything that could go wrong, went wrong.” 

It first failed on Monday Sept 10th and town workers were forced to pump raw sewage into the ditch that leads directly into the St Lawrence seaway for several days until a temporary manual fix could be put in place.

(CLIP Martin Morris 2)

That falls on me. What I should have done is put a PSA out right away but in the past we never had a complete failure like that. We’ve been able to get it up running within hours or maybe a day at the most if we ever had that much of a problem. We always had at least 1 pump working. This time we had so many malfunctions that we were busy dealing with the situation at hand, and it falls on me but I was in that station working pretty much non-stop.” 

Morris says the pump is nearly 30 years old and needs to be replaced eventually.