A sewage pump station has been failing intermittently for the last eight days. The line pump underneath the Mercier Bridge first went down last Monday September 10th. Martin Morris the Supervisor of Infrastructure, Operations and Maintenance for the town garage said it was due to a vacuum pump that failed on the nearly 30 year old system. It means that the sewage does not make it to the treatment plant. So workers were forced to pump the excess grey water into the nearby ditch which runs directly into the St Lawrence Seaway.

Morris said he was left with little choice.

“The danger was the houses would back up on clay mountains.” It’s never an ideal situation. It’s not what we want to do, it’s because we have to right now.”

Morris said it’s the first time any of the 9 pumps on the line has ever failed for more than a few hours.

He said the dumping consists mostly of grey water rather than actual raw sewage. It’s considered within safe norms as long as it’s not pooling or puddling according to what they were taught by environment Canada.

The parts to repair the pump are being delivered this afternoon.

Morris hopes to have it up and running at full capacity a short while later.