PKs Seize Weapons and Cash After Traffic Stop

Written by on January 9, 2020

The Kahnawake Peacekeepers seized a cache of weapons in the community thanks to a traffic stop this week. It all began when a vehicle was pulled over at 3:46 pm on Tuesday on Station road. Two non-locals were inside at the time. Officers discovered several loaded and unloaded firearms and ammunition and cash inside.

Kyle Zachary is the Public Relations Officer with the Peacekeepers. “Officers pulled the vehicle over because they observed there was a transit sticker where the license plate is normally displayed. The vehicle was very dirty and it was hard to verify who was inside.  The stop was made to verify the validity of the vehicle. A Firearm was then observed in plain view on the floor of the vehicle.”

Zachary says two men were arrested, Ernest Clarke and Joseph Evrard.

The PK investigation then led them to a home on North Creek Road in Kahnawake where more weapons were discovered. “Ten firearms total, the biggest being the .50 caliber. There was also two sub-machine guns, a tech-9 and a very old MP-40 from the WWII era,” Zachary said. The Following day 48 year old Shawn Deer turned himself in to the PKs. All appeared in Longueuil court yesterday and were formally charged with multiple firearms related offenses. Deer remains behind bars.

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