Passing a school bus in PEI will cost license

Written by on November 30, 2018

Passing a school bus with its red hazards flashing will now cost you your license in Prince Edward island. Transportation Minister Paula Biggar said School bus drivers, parents and others have been calling for more to be done for years. Failing to stop for a school bus means 12 demerit points and driver’s license suspension for three months, plus a $5,000 fine. Once they get their license back they would still face one year of probation. The new measures will take effect on December 8th. 

In Kahnawake, Kaniehtakeron Gilbert has been driving a bus for the last 3 years in the community. He says he has been involved in several close calls.

“It’s petrifying. It’s terrifying. It scares…in my 3 years I would say at least a dozen times.”

Gilbert welcomes the PEI news and hopes it comes to Kahnawake and Quebec.

“I fully support it. I’m constantly told by people that I transport the most precious cargo out there. Our responsibility is to make sure those children have a safe ride to and from school.”

Assistant Kahnawake Peacekeeper Chief Jody Diabo says it’s a simple matter of safety and respect for children’s lives. And she praises lawmakers in PEI.

“I think it’s great and it’s too bad that it has to come to that. People just don;t learn and stop for a school bus. We have it here in town all the time. the Bus drivers calls us and we have resorted to following the school buses just to make sure the people stop.”

Currently in Quebec, the fines for passing a school bus with its stop sign out is between 200-300 dollars and 9 demerit points.

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