Mercier Bridge Ramps in Kahnawake to be Repaved

Written by on May 4, 2021

It appears that there won’t be a major work blitz on the Federal portion, or Kahnawake side, of the Mercier Bridge this summer. However, there are eight weekend long closures scheduled, meaning one lane available in each direction. This may include some weeknight closures as well. The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges incorporated (JCCBI) announcing in a release this morning that leveling and paving will be performed on the 138 and 132 up and down ramps in Kahnawake.

“We will  have blitzes, but they are going to be portions of the bridge that are going to be closed one ramp at a time,” Nathalie Lessard, JCCBI’s Communications Director told K1037 News. “Basically, yes, a lot less impact for users.”

The work may include repairs to the expansion joints as well as some electrical work. The repaving is expected to cause traffic delays on some overnights and weekends. Work is expected to get underway in June.

As for the Quebec portion of the Mercier, there has yet to be an announcement from the Ministere de Transport du Quebec (MTQ). “I have no idea what they are doing this summer,” Lessard said. “The conversations we have is that we make sure that our work does not coincide with major work on their side at the same time,” Lessard said.

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