KT Wells

Cowgirl Kt Wells grew up in the nearby city of Montréal, with roots in the Eastern Townships. Kt began working at K1037 in 2011. Her love of all music and her knowledge of Country music was inherited from here father. Kt’s Musical tastes are diverse, if she isn’t listening to Country tunes, you’ll likely find her rocking out to 90’s Alternative Rock, or working out to Disco beats. Kt likes to think outside of the box when it comes to her fashion sense, and doesn’t mind standing out in a crowd.  Kt’s interests include: Dungeons & Dragons, working out, cycling, and visual arts. She is currently DJ of the weekend Juke Box. “It has been an amazing experience so far to be a part of this community, and be able to learn and take part in Kahnawake’s culture”

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