Kanesatake Radio Closer to Getting Back On-Air

Written by on December 23, 2019

Reviving Kanesatake Radio raised over $55 000 through its Secret Door Campaign that culminated with a draw that gave away $50 000 on Friday. “It was an enormous success. Over $55,000 raised for reviving Kanesatake radio and we’re just ecstatic right now because it was quite a campaign to run. Selling 100 doors at 1,000$ each wasn’t obvious, but we did it with one day to spare,” said Karakohare Syd Gaspe, the project leader behind Reviving Kanesatake Radio.

The grand prize of $20 000 to one lucky winner, Tommy Taylor of Kahnawake. “He approached us wanting to buy a door at the last minute, but his door number wasn’t available. You know, people want to choose their numbers ‘if not I’m out. My number’s not available, OK fine.’ I was speaking with him, then my colleague Steve Bonspiel decided to call him back the next day. ‘So, you wanna get in on this?’ and finally convinced him and he gave him a number and that number ended up being the winner,” Gaspe said.

Gaspe says with the infusion of cash that they are aiming to get Kanesatake radio back on the air in the spring.

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