K1037 Temporarily Delays Board Elections

Written by on January 28, 2020

The K1037 Board of Directors says that several changes have been made at the station in recent days. Program Director James Java Jacobs says several programs were canceled due to audience metrics. Additionally, Station Manager Cheryl Deer has been laid off by mutual agreement with the Board. In the interim, Board member Heather Bauersfeld is in charge of ensuring that the books and financial matters are administered and stabilized. Heather is a former station manager and has served several terms on the Board for the past fifteen years. She will undertake a complete assessment of our current financial and operational status. She will then report to the Board with recommendations.  “The assessment that is underway is to reevaluate spending procedures to see if and where costs can be trimmed. As you know, advertising dollars are hard to come by. We are heavily dependent on bingo and we would like to change that so we are exploring all options,” Bauersfeld said. She will not be running for reelection. No further changes are foreseen in the short term. Electoral officer Angus Montour has agreed to temporarily extend the next board elections for 3 seats until the end of March at the latest. “They had to delay the election because the existing Board has to deal with this situation as the existing Board because it won’t be fair for the new Board to come in and have to deal with whatever situation is at hand,” Montour said. In the meantime, questions should be directed by email to Heather Bauersfeld at heather.bauersfeld@hotmail.com.

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