Indian Day School Settlement Forms Being Snapped Up

Written by on January 15, 2020

The settlement applications for the Indian Day school class action have been available across the country since Monday. People now have two-and-a-half years to submit those applications. In Kahnawake, where there were 11 Indian day Schools over a 120-year period. The forms are available at the reception at the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. Joe Delaronde is a spokesperson for the MCK. “On Monday, the first day, there were 53 that were given out. Yesterday was extremely busy as about 115 people came to pick up the forms. It continues to be busy today. We expect it’s going to continue. Our job here at MCK is to make sure people are aware and know where to go for information.”  

The settlement payouts are between $10 000 and $200 000. Delaronde says that even though this is not an MCK initiative, they are doing what they can to help community members through the process. “Probably in the next week or so is hiring the person who will be the point person to answer questions and assist people who may need help when they fill out the forms or go to the website.”  It is believed there could be as many as 4000 potential claimants in Kahnawake.

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