Fire Brigade to Get Specialized Training

Written by on November 7, 2019

The Kahnawake Fire Brigade (KFB) is continually working to improve their ability to fight fires and keep the community and themselves safe. This weekend the firefighters will have a chance to train in a specialized simulator. The Reading Smoke Concept Ignition RISC is a new thermal simulator that mimics live burns.

Rodrigue Caplette is a captain with the KFB – he says it gives them a chance to train to handle how a fire reacts differently these days. “if we compare the fires to a person, everybody looks the same but we’re not the same, so the fires are the same way. We all look at the fires as the same every time. But with the new structures, the new furniture, especially now that everything is based with petroleum products it makes the fire develop faster and hotter. So, we have to change our behaviour towards the fire in order to make sure we stay safe,” Caplette said.

Two months ago the Officers with the KFB also received new thermal imaging cameras to help them find the source of the fires. “Which would help the officers, especially when they arrive on scene, to have a heat reading on the house to figure out where would be the fire because when we do a 360 around the building to  asses if we can get in and see if there is life to save.  It can be very important especially when there is life involved,” Caplette said.

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