Fines Issued For Violations

Written by on January 14, 2021

Today, the Kahnawà:ke Mohawk Peacekeepers issued fines to a business on highway 132 for selling tobacco products to non-locals. Kyle Zachary is the public relations officer for the Kahnawake Peacekeepers:

“The fines issued today are for contravention of the Task Force directives, specifically directive 55, in which tobacco stores are to be closed for the month of January, not to be selling to non-local people. We received several calls reporting a business on the 132 was doing just that and when officers responded, they observed the store to be operating and selling tobacco products. Fines were issued to the owner of the store in the amount of $15,100 dollars and the cashier who was working the register of the store was issued a fine for $1,541 dollars”

With the cases of Covid-19 on the rise, The Peacekeepers want to remind all Kahnawa’kehró:non are advised to take the virus seriously and do your part to protect the most vulnerable ion community.

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