Fencing Finally Placed Around Landfill Potentially Contaminated With Asbestos Laden Pipe Fragments

Written by on February 20, 2020

Protective fencing was placed around some temporary landfill off of Highway 207 this week in Kahnawake. There is a danger sign on the fence to keep people away from the pile which is near the cemetery. Kahnawake’s Public Safety Unit says the landfill comes from the excavation of roadways and the old asbestos laden pipe, performed by the Capital Unit in the Village area last summer.

Lloyd Phillips is Commissioner of Public Safety. He says the fencing was put up on Tuesday.

“It was done at the request of the Asbestos Working Group because it was unclear on how much fragments were in that area. There was some debate on whether or not that area needs to be fenced off. But it was decided to lean on the side of caution.”

Phillips says the risk to the public is extremely low. He says the soil is 99% perfectly fine, yet there still may be some asbestos laden pipe fragments in the pile along the 207. However, the pile of landfill has sat for more than six months without any precautions placed around it. 

“It probably should have been put up sooner, to be honest with you,” Phillips admitted. “There had been requests made in the Fall to have this fence put up. But there was some discussion once the ground was frozen was there any risk and so on? At the end of the day the directive was give and very clearly that this fence was to go up, especially in light of the spring coming soon, so we can get rid of this material.”

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