Emergency addresses Oct. 10 in Kahnawake

Written by on September 10, 2019

Kahnawake’s emergency services will have more information at their fingertips soon in order to help save lives.

The Kahnawake Public Safety Commission, Peacekeepers, and Fire Brigade will officially launch the Emergency Location Mapping system for the community on October 10th.  Starting then, community members can add their emergency location by calling the Peacekeepers. You will then be added for any emergency service including fire, ambulance, and police.

David Scott is the Fire Chief at the KFB he says time can mean the difference between life and death. “When I grew up it was just a small little community in the 80’s and everybody knew everybody. But now it’s getting more complicated and sophisticated to find people by the houses. So with this new system, this GPS system that we’re putting in the vehicles I believe the dispatcher at the Police station can point, pinpoint a house by a number and it will show up on our vehicles and we can get there that much faster,” Scott said

Each home will receive an envelope with their emergency location address as well as stickers and fridge magnets to display their address in their home. 

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