Creators Game on Display at Baggataway Cup at McGill

Written by on November 8, 2019

The Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association’s national championship opens up with back to back quarter-final games this evening at 6 pm at McGill’s Molson Stadium.

The official opening ceremony will be held between the games. A special prayer and statements will be performed by Kahnawake’s Kanentokon Hemlock. “It was an honour to be asked by the team but also by two of our lacrosse players. Both Cougar and Kerry are playing for the McGill lacrosse team. For them to have forwarded my name to be able to do some opening words for this University tournament, it’s quite the honour to have been asked,” Hemlock said.  

Brock and McGill both finished with 10-0 records and have byes straight in to Saturday’s semi-finals. Led by Cougar Kirby and Kerry Kane, McGill plays their game Saturday at 1 PM. Hemlock says it’s important for continue spreading the message on the origins of the game. “To have our representation, to be able to bring our voice in to this forum, to let the rest of the Universities and also the societies around us know that it’s our game and that it’s the Creators game. There is a lot of deep and historical cultural significance towards it for us,” Hemlock said.”

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