Communication Breakdown: MCK, JCCBI

Written by on October 6, 2021

A communication issue between the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake and the Jacques Cartier – Champlain Bridges, Inc. (JCCBI) resulted in a misunderstanding that saw some people from the Longhouse at 207 protest planned work. A small building to house electrical equipment for the Mercier Bridge lighting system was to be built with the lighting on the bridge being in need of upgrading with a recent uptick in problems with the lights increasing of late. Following a meeting yesterday with JCCBI representatives, MCK elected official Arnold Boyer saying:

“We agreed that the project will be put on hold until new plans are presented to us that are acceptable to the community.” Boyer continued in the council press release to say, “that in this case the MCK were in agreement and completely understand and agree with the need for safety, and to be mindful of maintaining territorial integrity.” 

The agreement was for safety purposes that would see the installation of a new electrical control system. The agreement was made back in February of this year. The MCK admitting that the usual communications protocols were not followed and the information was, therefore, not relayed to the community as is the normal practice.

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