Car Dealership Deals with Facebook Post Made by Employee Towards Kahnawake

Written by on February 14, 2020

Rive Sud Chrysler/Dodge in Brossard came under fire on social media after one of their employees made an inflammatory post on his own Facebook page on Wednesday. In it, Paul Starnino wrote: “To those of you who have nothing better to do with your fucking time protest your oil pipeline somewhere else instead of inconveniencing people who work and pay taxes so that you can block train tracks.” It continues: “Why aren’t you people working or are my taxes and those being inconvenienced paying for that too”.

K1037 News reached out to Starnino and his boss, Pascal Dandurand, the General Manager of Rive Sud Chrysler/Dodge.

Dandurand told us that he can’t do much about an employee’s personal social media but said he gave Starnino the choice to remove the post or remove any ties to the business on his personal Facebook.

Afterwards, Starnino who used to live in Chateauguay, called us back to say he was reprimanded at work. As well as to apologize.

“The post that I put on Facebook yesterday (Wednesday) was very inappropriate, Starnino said. “It was not meant to be directed at anybody. I’m not making any excuses for my stupidity. It was wrong and I want to apologize to your community (Kahnawake). I’m very sorry for what I said.”

Dandurand said: “I Have a tremendous respect for all of our customers and Indigenous people. I can’t endorse what he (Starnino) says.”

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