9 Active COVID-19 Cases Including One Variant in Kahnawake

Written by on April 30, 2021

There are nine active cases on COVID-19 in Kahnawake as of Thursday afternoon.

“This impacts in various ways. Up to 60 households in the community who are currently in various levels of isolation because of cases and potential contacts,” Lloyd Phillips, the Commissioner of Public Safety said on Kahnawake 911 on Facebook. “So  the stretch goes far beyond the people who actually do turn positive for COVID.”

One of those cases is of the more contagious variant variety. Which is why the measures from Kahnawake’s COVID-19 Task Force will remain in place.

“It’s another reason why we have to remain vigilant and take safety measures to heart,” Phillips said. “We know it’s been long and people are tired of hearing talking about measures and masks, distance and hygiene. You’re probably tired of hearing me say it. I’m tired of saying it, but it has to  be said. We have to keep repeating the message because we can’t get lax now. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. That tunnel is a little bit longer than we thought several week ago. But there is that light and we will get there.”

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